We manage a fleet of high quality buses that play from different arts of the city. All buses have a GPS which help us track them for delays, over-speeding and unexpected changes in the route. Children are picked up and dropped at fixed points within 500 metre radius of their homes. The school buses are all fitted with the GPS system. This is regularly monitored by the school’s maintenance manager. The school conducts periodic workshops for the drivers to ensure discipline, appropriate behavior and all other requirements for acceptable driving etiquettes. The school ensures that in each bus the students are escorted by a lady helper and a male attendant to guarantee the safety and comfort of all students.


The school has a small canteen that caters to meals at lunch time and evening snacks to teacher and students. The canteen is cleaned round the clock.


The school is under surveillance of C.C.T.V camera installed in every room and monitored regularly. All camera's have voice over so that monitoring is two way. There are two exists for the school. The school is well equipped with fire extinguisher at every floor and in labs and in school buses. Security personnel have been employed to regularly maintain the incoming and outgoing visitors. All blocks are equipped with fire flighty solutions, controlled P.A. system and emergency stair care and lifts. All class rooms and utility areas are provided with power backup.

Visitors Launch / Front Office

"Relationships are based on Principles, Respect, Understanding, Acceptance and Appreciation".

Sri Krishna international School ensures a great hospitality to our parents. The school front office is the area where the school creates a pleasant experience for the guests. Visitors are welcomed in a beautiful laid lounge, where our school administrator will take care of all the enquires on admissions and handle the responsible of communicating information from school to the parents. Our administrator will assist our clients with registration needs payments and general information requests.

Administrative Office

"Always look for" what is wrong Before looking for "who's wrong". This keeps our "Relations safe and Strong".

School office handles all the clerical and administrative work.

Efficient admin staff take care of fees payment, supports the principal in her day to day work. Transport management, safeguarding the school and ensuring all the enquires that are communicated personally or by telephone are dealt with promptly they are directed to the appropriate person/location.

Admin staff also takes care of sending out circular through edukul, S.M.S service to all the parents. Our Admin staff are organised, directed, trained to meet the requirements to support and facilitate and assist with the school procedures.

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