• We are very happy with the school management, the Principal, the teaching and the non-teaching staff for their kind co-operation. The teachers showed special interest on each and every child and boost their morale. The teachers are ready to clarify the doubt at any time. The teachers handling 10th std have put their effort for the betterment of their students. The principal along with her staff guides the students at every stage and encourage them to score good marks. We are very proud that our child studied in this prestigious Institution.

    Pushpa N

  • Sri Krishna International School is very famous and many student have joined in this school. My daughter studied from 1st to 10th Std. Very good faculty and very good teaching also. Extracurricular activity is also done. Administration is good and they give right information also.

    Jyothi S.R.

  • The teachers are very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. Their individual attention helps our children to learn things faster. The vital role of smart classes has also helped a lot. Faculties provide everything required in the course of learning and I am very thankful to them. Sports and extra activities are also encouraged.


  • I am very pleased with SKIES. My daughter has improved socially and academically. She is growing into a strong independent, free thinking child. My daughter varsha is studying in this school since first standard and is now in class 10th of SKIES. The journey so far has been truly amazing under the supervision and guidance of the experienced staff of SKIES. I am completely satisfied that my daughter is surrounded by the best trained teachers and loving people to start her day. As a parent, I have made the right choice to enrol her in SKIES. Our experience with the school towards our daughter’s education continues to delight us. I am very thankful to the school. It is a great school with perfect management and excellence in education.

    RadhaMani S

  • The observation class is a unique session. It helped us to know and to understand how activities are conducted in the school involving our children. It gave an insight to how our children respond to such activities. Such observation session helps us to know what changes need to be adapted while involving our kids at home too.

    A.P. Vijayasri

  • I am really very impressed with the teachers. With the discipline the kids were walking in the activity room and they treat every child to progress . It's difficult to manage one child at home but hats off to the teacher for managing them so well and imbibing great values, morals & discipline. At last I would like to thank all the teachers for being patient with the kids and teaching them so well.

    Abhilasha Daga

  • English reading activity book is exposing kids to read grammatically perfect sentences. Kinds are trying to read words and sentences in newspapers and other books which is a progressive sign. This will add in better way in future classes as well. Extremely thankful to teacher for their efforts in holistic approach for overall development in the kid.


  • Firstly, I would like to thank the management and staff for giving me the golden opportunity to be a part of observation. We always had a curiosity to know what our kids do in school. Montessori activity basically teaches discipline, how to handle thing carefully along with learning each activity. I have been observing my kid rolling the yoga mat we have at home, count object around him, saying colours, identifying new objects etc. Now i can relate as how he learnt all these. He learnt a lot for the past one half year and sure he will learn more by the time he complete UKG making him well trained for his primary and further schooling.

    Vasuki K. M

  • The E – Block session was another lovely session for nursery kids which helps them to improve their concentration. The beautiful interface of the application makes the kids to the engrossed in the activity . It is a fun way of learning alphabets, numbers, spellings etc.. it helps to remember and kids never forget. I also appreciate the gracefulness of all teachers during the entire session, thanks you for the lovely opportunity.

    C.S. Ravindra

  • I am very happy with my teacher and the school management. Our teachers are really well trained and they look after us the same way they look after their children. The teachers are kind and hardworking. Our school Principal madam is also very kind. She works hard for the betterment of the teachers and students. The teacher handling classes Xth std are always ready to solve the doubt of the students. The science teacher explains us with the experiments and they frequently take us to the science labs. The Maths teacher is very kind and a fun loving personality, he teaches the concepts really well and the computer teacher is also and other subject teacher are quite co- operative. The school has a cool atmosphere and it has a large library for the book lowers. The school excels both in academics and sports it not only focuses on studies, but also on the co-curricular activities like dance, music, drama and creativity.

    Poojitha N (X Std)

  • SKIES is a great school. I wish I would have found it sooner! It has a great atmosphere, and secured surroundings. It is very attractive from outside and you can't regret the education, it is also very good. If anyone is searching for a school with good education and even less costly I prefer Sri Krishna International school . It not only provides the students educations but also, builds self confidence.There are many experienced teacher in the school. They are also physics, chemistry, biology and computer labs. There is a peaceful library and a big ground. The school not only supports academics but also support co- curricular activities which makes it more special. when we rate this school, I would give 5 star to the school for the school that has given me a lot to grow into a wonderful human beings.

    Bhoomika S.V. (X Std)

  • I am studying here since 13 years. Every teacher from nursery to 10th Std taught us very well and became my inspiration. They teach each and every topic in a simple way which makes us to prepare well for our exams. Our school conducts Sports day, School day and exhibitions. The coaching for 10th std is exclusive where every teacher takes personal interest in making us understanding the concepts. Due to the effects of teachers and management every year we are getting state ranks and our school is the best in this locality.

    Vaishnavi G (X Std)

  • I joined in the school in 2008. Here the teachers are well experienced, highly talented and have lot of patience towards students. The school has lot of facilities like yoga, dance, karate, music, science and computer labs, smart board etc.. Since teachers take coaching classes in X std after school hours, no child need to go for private tuitions. Teachers prepare us very well for the board exam by giving us a lot of motivational talk and study tips. I am proud to be the student of Sri Krishna International School and recommend others to join the same.

    Vaishnavi M.P. (X Std)

  • I joined this school in 2nd std. This school has good infrastructure, lab facility and a large play area. Here teachers are well experienced, highly talented and have lot of patience towards students. Since teachers take coaching classes in X std after school hours, no child need to go for private tuitions. Teachers prepare us well for the board exam by giving us a lot of motivational talk and study tips. I am proud to the student of Sri Krishna International school and recommend others to join the same.

    Prathiksha K (X Std)

  • " Education is the manifestation of man" by Swami Vivekananda, this very statement holds good and well carried by our sir in the best possible way. We have a very good aerated infrastructure which is the first requisite for the students to stay happily long hours good environment between the staff which helps us to concentrate in our subjects in order to teach in the best possible way to the children the management provides us with all the equipments like laboratory, and smart class in order to explain the children in scientific manner as today’s children are more techno in nature. Students are being given lot of encouragement for cultural activities and they are guided and asked by the concerned teachers. The school tries to take the children to educational trip once a year. It is said that a person gains knowledge not only through books but can gain knowledge by seeing and heartily as well as, we have a very food library which helps our teaching faculty to refer the books with their concerned subjects enhance their knowledge in different aspects and improve their language skill which is very much required for today generation. We also make the students to participate in seminar in different subjects through which they enhance their knowledge by going through different books other than their text books, students are also being encouraged with yoga, karate, scouts and guides in order to make today generation as tomorrows nation builders. Children are sent to concept in Inter school competitions to make them good orators are to remove their fear complex. I feel very happy in working with the institution which support the teacher in grooming our children.

    Vanitha R

  • We are very happy about our school because our students are physically strong, mentally, sound and emotionally stable. So to nurture the aspirations of young minds, our management and principal supports a lot to improve the quality of education of the students. Our focus is not only about doing different things but doing thing differently to give them that 'extra knowledge' in this competitive world. Our madam supports our team work to use innovative techniques of teaching and me are always grateful to the management and principal of the school who have given us unstintedsupport for us to improve the quality of education of the students

    Nandini L

  • I am very glad for being associated with this prestigious institution i.e, Sri Krishna International School Nursery wing. We are blessed to have a very encouraging and co–operative management. Our management believes in " FUN WAY OF LEARNING" method they are very much open for new technology for the improvement of kids education they give equal improvement for both academics and sports many new technologies are implemented in our curriculum. Teachers are well trained every year by experts before the academics session starts. The main aim is to give maximum benefit for the kids. There is a very friendly/ homely environment in our school campus . All my colleagues are very friendly and supportive. There is lot of scope to grow in our profession in this reputed institution with the support of our principal and management. I would like to thank our management for giving me the opportunity to serve and learn in this esteemed institution.

    Vani Vijaya

  • Being a teaching staff in this institution from past 12 years, I have a good opinion and experience about this institution. The management is very co-operative and so the other colleagues. Under the guidance of our beloved Principal madam I have learnt lot of things in my teaching methods and also handling the class room. Over all it is a nice educational institution and good environment to work in.

    Sudha B.S.

  • I am very much proud of my school because it has a well built building and infrastructure, as well as good ventilated classrooms. We have good staff and management. The atmosphere is very good and our Principal madam motivates us to grow and come forward in all the aspects. students have good facilities like laboratory, library and smart Board etc to grow and learn more. So this make me work here part 12 years.

    Manoj Kumar K.E.

  • Being a teacher, I received a good and wonderful support from the management and principal madam. I have learnt to improve my teaching skills the management support teachers to acquire extra knowledge and even to update themselves by arranging orientation classes every year by an eminent persons. The most and important thought is that the Management support and encourages the employees to acquire higher studies which is helpful in the professions.
  • SKIES has always advanced a foot forward and helped the student to SKIES believe that education is not merely imparting knowledge but more about opening a child's mind to self-expression. So, we provide an environment which enriches the intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical development of the students. On all, the national festivals will be held with great pomp and fervour. The relevant activities will be organised to generate patriotism among the students.

    Jayashree R

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